Dear 20 year-old self

Every so often I find myself reminiscing about my early 20s wishing I had done some things differently. As much as I would like to go back in time to reduce these wrinkles and bulk up my savings account, I’m loving the path my life has taken. I’ve written my 20-year old self a list of things to keep in mind over the next decade. I hope some of you can either relate or are in your 20s and can put Continue Reading

Conquering fears: on the road again

There are so many things I am not good at - and one of the biggest things, is not being good at something. I know that sounds kind of redundant but what I mean is that I have this incredible need to be at least reasonably good at something right off the bat. I also am not one of those oh-so-talented people that pick up things immediately. On top of that, I am so afraid to fail that I often avoid Continue Reading

Don’t worry, about a thing… (every little thing, gonna be alright!)

I am a habitual worrier...I think it's part of this whole perfectionista thing I've got going on. I realize that worry is a wasted emotion (I know this because Jewel told me so in her 'Spirit' album back in the late 90's) but for some reason I just can't kick the habit. Worrying won't help anything, it won't change a situation or an event from is not logical, it is emotional. Continue Reading

Who is this perfectionista, and why do I care?

Hello, and welcome!  My name is Kate and I am an imperfect perfectionist. Like so many, I feel the pressure to be as close to perfect as can be. I admit, it is no one’s fault but my own. Sure, I can blame the gorgeous models in the Michael Kors ads, or the beautiful bombshell in the latest Transformers movie – but alas, it is my choice to aim for perfection. But being a perfectionista goes Continue Reading