My recent balancing act

You’ve probably already realized this but I, in fact, am not perfect. I can’t always do it all — much to my dismay. I’ve had to pick and choose what to spend my time on over these past six months as I prepared for what I found to be a challenging standardized investment exam. That meant fewer dinners out with the girls, less hours logged at barre class and a lot less time on the blog.

My leaning tower o' index cards

My leaning tower o’ index cards

However, I am proud to say I passed my exam last Monday, celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my 21st birthday on Wednesday (thanks to my girlies for a lovely birthday dinner!) and am officially ready to get back to writing.It's my party

After months of doing everything other than putting myself first, I’ve gotten to a point of the anti-selfless… It all started with the chalkboard sign in our kitchen that I am constantly updating with new things to celebrate or highlight in our home. I thought to myself, I can’t write my own sign…can I? Of course I can! I am worth celebrating — that’s okay to say out loud. When did it stop being acceptable to celebrate or treat oneself?!HB to ME

So I am starting what I like to call a “Selfyess” campaign. Cheese-balls? You betcha (hey, I’m in marketing…cut me some slack). Over the next few posts, as I work on refocusing on myself a little more, I’ll be here to share some tips for anyone else looking for some ‘me time’ – without┬áthe side of guilt.

Thanks for being patient during my “study hiatus”…it’s good to be back!

xo- Kate

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