Pancakes & PJs – tricks of the trade

Weekend mornings are so much better with pancakes in pjs. I made pumpkin pancakes this morning and thought I’d share just a couple simple things I do to make it an efficient and tasty experience. image6First off, using a double burner griddle makes the process much quicker for your hungry family to enjoy. My dad always had a pan like this when I was growing up to make pancakes for my brother and me…and the quick turnaround was always much appreciated. 🙂 As it turns out, my dad bought my husband and I this very pan–and the tradition continues! image2Another thing I find that makes pancake making a little easier is using a ladle to spoon the pancakes on the pan. You can more easily control the pancake size and it’s especially handy if you like your pancakes a little thinner (just add milk), and find yourself working with a soupier mix.And what are pancakes without ice cold milk and OJ?! I like to put the glasses in the fridge while I make the pancakes to keep the milk extra cold. No one likes room temperature milk…blah!  PS: don’t judge me on our beer collection, it’s football season, folks.image1And lastly, in order to enjoy a WARM breakfast together, I keep the pancakes hot in a tortilla warmer lined with wax paper (so they don’t stick to the inside) while I continue to whip up the rest of the pancakes.image3


Yep, that’s the Iowa game in the background. Remember, it’s football season. 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying their fall and had a fun Halloween!
xo – Kate

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