Reasons to fall for fall 

image (41)Fall is just around the corner, September 23rd to be exact, and I must say I’m looking forward to it. While I’m not excited for it to get cold, I’ve really come to appreciate fall over the years. When fall is in the air, I get a sense of renewal, like new possibilities are just around the bend. It think it must stem from all those years of going back to school and knowing the year ahead could bring change and new options leading my life in a new direction.

Enough of those ‘deep thoughts by Kate’…here are some of my favorite things about fall to help get you excited for the upcoming season!

Boots & leggings

Let me clarify – CUTE boots and leggings. Come December, I will be stuck wearing 10 pound, fur lined, lace-up bulky-ass boots every day. At that point, I relinquish all hope of a semi-attractive commute to work. That is why in the fall I wear as many pairs of cute suede booties and high heeled boots (that would be considered treacherous in the winter months) as often as possible. I love some of the options by Michael Kors, Paul Greene and Sam Edelman.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

I try not to over-indulge in the Starbucks deliciousness too often but when it comes to the infamous PSL, I feel there is a small window of opportunity and he who hesitates…well, you get it. The first cool day of fall must be celebrated with a Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte. Now that I am in my thirties its officially got to be a nonfat, no whip PSL – but then we all make sacrifices, right? For those cold fall days where running to Starbucks isn’t an option, I make a regular latte at home using almond milk, a teaspoon of Truvia and pumpkin pie spice – it really is a great second, healthy option!


Heaven in a cup

Actually, pumpkin everything

Did I lead you to believe lattes were the only pumpkin treat on my fall list? Sorry about that… Other fall indulgences include Smitten Kitchen’s bourbon pumpkin cheesecake (my husband and I make it every Thanksgiving – it’s absolutely amazing), Pumpking beer, pumpkin roll and pumpkin french toast. I’ve gotta say, I’ve tried a few pumpkin cookie recipes and they never make it to my must-have list. If you have one you love, please pass it along! PS: Everything I’ve made from Smitten Kitchen is outstanding – you should peruse the site when you have a chance for other tasty fall recipes.

Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake

Source: Smitten Kitchen

Dark nail polish 

During the summer I like wearing corals and pinks but after a few months of that mixed in with some neutrals and I’m ready to change things up with some darker hues. I find that I really like going with the darker shades when I’m wearing something especially feminine. Some of my favorites are Essie’s ‘After School Boy Blazer’ and ‘No more film’ (pictured here), and OPI’s ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ and ‘Midnight in Moscow’. I just love nail polish names – they usually make zero sense yet so fun to say! Here’s Essie’s latest fall collection if you’re in the market for something new!

Essie’s ‘No more film’

College Football

Florida State, Florida State, Florida State – wooooooh! Need I say more? Okay, fine I’ll say more…I love college football. I love the comradery, the nostalgia, the true team spirit…and admittedly, the Saturdays at Theory (our favorite local upscale bar) enjoying beers and your typical football game fare like chicken wings and tater tots! Also, I might need to buy this. PS: Go Noles! Go Hawkeyes!



Oh, the decorating

I love elegant fall decorations and there are so many cute ideas out there. Living in a hi-rise condo doesn’t give us a ton of space to work with (or that fireplace mantle I’ve been dreaming of)…but here are a few of my favorite ideas – some that work for smaller living spaces and others for that someday down the road. If you’re into DIY projects I always find good options and craft supplies at Factory Direct Craft. Check out their fall offerings if you’re looking to decorate for the season.

Happy Fall!

xo – Kate

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