Self-yess: Day One

I am a full blown people-pleaser. I truly get a lot of joy from making other people happy – but after an extended period of self neglect, I find myself needing to expend a bit more energy on myself.

That said, I have officially initiated a mission to be a bit more ‘self-yess’ as opposed to ‘selfless’. I’m not saying everyone should be selfish all the time, and most of us don’t have that luxury – especially the moms and dads out there. I am saying that sometimes we often put ourselves third, fourth and fifth and it eventually becomes second nature to never allow yourself to be the priority.

As a first step on my quest, today I tracked all the small things I was able to do for myself – moments where I did something just for me. And most of it doesn’t cost a dime. I also found that simply recognizing the things I did for myself served as a sort of therapy in itself.

Here goes:

  • Walked to work (instead of waiting for the bus) to get in a bit of exercise, fresh air and listen to some good mood-setting tunes
  • Grabbed a cup of coffee before I dove in at the office and got sucked in by emails and priority lists
  • Had a Samoa Girl Scout Cookie for breakfast – sorry, not sorry
  • Ventured out to a lunch time barre class — I love taking a lunch class when possible, allowing me to get my workout in and leaving my evening open
  • Enjoyed a walk (again, with tunes!) to my neighborhood nail salon for a no-chip polish change (normally, I would be a DIY at home)
  • Wrote this post (well, this is partially for you all…but I do enjoy it!)
  • And now I am off to enjoy a real sit-down dinner alone with my hubs 🙂chi

I hope this helped give you guys some ideas on small ways you can put you first a few times throughout the day! How do you all find small ways to be ‘self-yess’ in your daily life?

xo- Kate

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