Sweetest Day: A Storybook Baby Shower

Sweetest day indeed… Last Saturday (October 18th, also known as ‘Sweetest Day’) two friends and I had the honor of hosting our mama-to-be friend, Rachel, a “storybook baby shower”. If you know Rachel (a fellow blogger extraordinaire!) you know, A.) she likes to write and B.) she likes to read. So a storybook themed shower was a no-brainer. Not to mention, supes cute. By the way, if you are pregnant and looking for an honest, no BS account of someone’s first-hand experience with pregnancy – be sure to check out Rachel’s blog.

We imagined Rachel really enjoying reading stories to her future son over the years, so asking guests to bring a storybook in lieu of a card was an easy call. Plus, it went really well with the overall theme – and I love me a good theme-tie-in.DSC_2229

The first step was to select the various books to base the theme on while being conscious about what food pairings would correspond with said books. We ended up with the below, which we felt covered an array of food items, considered many common food restrictions and was sufficient enough to fill up our guests!DSC_2166DSC_2157DSC_2165FullSizeRender

  • One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish – regular and veggie sushi
  • Tales of Peter Rabbit – a crudité platter with hummus and guacamole
  • A very hungry caterpillar – caprese kabobs
  • Goodnight moon – moon shaped PB&J sandwiches (I used a moon-shaped cookie cutter)
  • Rainbow fish – Goldfish “colors”
  • Cloudy with a chance of meatballs – homemade turkey meatballs and sauce – (courtesy of my talented husband!) PS: the sauce is amazing and simple – check it out on Smitten Kitchen
  • When you give a mouse a cookie – homemade chocolate chip cookies (my favorites – get the recipe!)

We thought choosing a color scheme in addition to the overall storybook theme was important since finding everything we need in a storybook theme would be hard to find, and be a bit overkill. We went with blues, gray and white. Small touches like choosing a blue mason jar instead of paper cups can really add to the decor and overall feel of the shower – and topping it off with a striped straw ups the cuteness! Of course our guest of honor deserved her own special glass to use during the shower, and take home as a reminder of these pre-baby days.DSC_2175-ADSC_2142

Instead of a traditional cake, for dessert we went with Sprinkles vanilla mini cupcakes topped with “little man” bow ties and storybook pinwheels (made from pages of children’s books). If you haven’t had Sprinkles cupcakes before – they are deeelish. And if you don’t have a ship near you, the homemade mixes turn out super tasty too!DSC_2149

We wanted the decor to align with the blue and gray color scheme as well as the storybook theme in order to tie it all together. We hung blue and gray fans, used blue and gray baby blocks as table centerpieces and strung a storybook banner across the bar made from pages of those seven aforementioned storybooks. Want to make a banner of your own? Check back for a tutorial on how I created this fine work of art. 😉DSC_2158DSC_2147DSC_2153

To keep guests involved while Rachel opened presents, we had a baby gift BINGO game where people filled in their respective BINGO cards with typical baby shower gifts such as bibs, books and onesies. As Rachel opened a gift that coordinated with their card, each person filled in the space with a Goldfish cracker (good use of leftover crackers if I’ve ever heard one!). The prizes for our three BINGO winners were Garrett’s Chicago Mix popcorn in an appropriately packaged “Ready to POP!” mason jar.


Last but not least, every party needs a parting favor to send you happily on your way. We went with the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish book theme and sent people home with Swedish Fish – such a fun/nostalgic treat if you ask me!DSC_2177

Although I love a well-executed, nicely themed party, the most important part of any baby shower is for the guest of honor to enjoy herself and get some well-deserved love – and I think we achieved that.DSC_2199DSC_2204-cropDSC_2264

xo – Kate

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